About Us

Filcom Sports Club is an organization of Filipinos and Australian where its objective is uniting various communities through sports. It is a group where friendship, unity, diversity and camaraderie are practiced and promoted. It is also a social organization as the club delivers multicultural gatherings in the form of awards and ceremonies to acknowledge the champions of our sporting communities.
The club consist of different sports ranging from basketball, bowling and golf. Membership are open to everyone as long as you have the heart of an athlete and people-friendly attitude.

Through the years, players continue to foster new friendships, always maintaining a fun sporting environment for all ages and races. One of the strengths of the club is the willingness and dedication of experienced players to teach beginners and give them pointers. Filcom’s history traces its roots back to when a group of regular golfers held a monthly games, eventually attracting other sports enthusiasts to join.  The inclusion of basketball, bowling tournaments entices more member to be part of teams that were established.

There are currently more than 300 active members and number continue to grow. The club believes that sport is a vital tool for socio-economic and political development. It is a very effective medium to bring people together regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, religion and physical ability.

Our mission is to promote unity, diversity and friendship amongst individual through a variety of sports.